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Designing LED Lighting Products

A number of luminaire manufactures have already begun to adopt solid state lighting with some achieving better results than others. Some have rushed new products to market hoping to capture the early adopters, while others for many valid reasons have chosen not to invest the time and resources into applying this new technology. Designing with LEDs requires mastery of several disciplines including optics, electronics, and thermodynamics. Manufacturing LED-based products requires investment in new equipment and training of staff.

Designing with LED technology requires a whole new way of thinking for luminaire designers and manufacturers. Thermal management requires a relationship between the LED device and the luminaire which does not exist for traditional light sources. The variation in color, flux and forward voltage requires manufacturing binning strategies in order to balance cost versus availability. Electronic drivers, optics and other system components require designs that can deliver lifetimes commensurate with those offered by the LED devices in order for the entire luminaire product to make economic sense. We can helpLED flux distribution you with

We can help you decide if you need a custom solution or if there are off-the-shelf components that can be used. We can assist you with the technical aspects as well as successfully guide you through the development cycle. Whether it is a simple lens design or a complete turn-key solution, we can provide the guidance you need to produce exceptional products. For those wishing to import products manufacturered by others we can provide design review and performance testing services to help you insure that the product you offer is what you expect for your customers.


Market Research for your Product or Service

If you are a component or service supplier, we have a unique combination of technical and marketing knowledge that can help you to evaluate the economic potential of your product. The confluence of semi-conductor and traditional lighting industries that makes up the LED marketplace creates challenges for traditional marketing approaches. Even firms with marketing departments can use our guidance to understand the effects this culture clash has on product support, distribution channels, margins, etc. And the rapid evolution of the technology means that what is true today, may not be correct tomorrow.

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