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Specifying LEDs and Fixtures

Many architects and lighting designers have already begun to adopt LED lighting into their designs and have been achieving stunning results. LEDs have been used for illuminating fountains, bridges, building facades, signs, and other niche areas.

As white LEDs have made significant improvements over the past couple of years, they are now being applied in places where conventional incandescent and halogen lamps have been used. The benefits being longer lifetime and lower energy consumption, but this comes with a higher up front cost. Because of this, many potential users of LEDs have balked at adopting them. Another factor that has impeded the implementation of LEDs is the confusion surrounding many of the claims that have been made about LEDs regarding their performance, lifetime and reliability. Until the publication of LM-79 and LM-80 in 2008, there has been little standardization in the industry, in terms of measurement. As a result, many are hesitant to install light sources that may not perform as advertised.

Much like the computer industry, the products that are offered today are obsolete within the span of a couple of years. Rapid development of new devices with steadily improving performance and decreasing cost provides a backdrop that is very familiar to the electronics industry and very foreign to the lighting world. While the continuously decreasing device cost allows more and more potential applications to fall within the economic reach of LED technology, the variations in packaging, thermal requirements, etc., create real concerns for lighting designers wishing to incorporate SSL products into their projects. Add to that concern the flood of new LED lighting suppliers, with greatly varying degrees of quality (both domestic and off-shore) and there can sometimes appear to be a real "wild-west" type of environment where everything goes.

The founders of LED Transformations, LLC are both members of the IESNA (Illumination Engineering Society of North America) and have a thorough understanding of the many issues and concerns that architectural lighting designers have regarding LEDs. Not every application is suitable for solid-state lighting at this point. As an independent company with no affiliation with LED or luminaire manufacturers, we can provide unbiased opinions as to where LED technology is suitable and where it is not. We understand the various disciplines that must be brought together to maximize the benefits of LEDs and our mission is to help others to achieve their goals. To find out how our experience can help you successfully manage your lighting project, please contact us for a consultation.