LED lit street in Oakland, CA
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The LED City

You have probably heard about the wonders of the new solid state lighting technology known as LEDs. You may have even looked into the possibility of their use within your municipality to reduce your energy usage or decrease your maintenance costs. Some cities such as Raleigh, NC; Ann Arbor, MI; Oakland, CA; and Toronto, Ontario have already made a commitment to the LED City movement.

However, you have probably also found the information available from manufacturers and on the internet more than a little confusing and perhaps overwhelming. What’s the difference between “cool” white and “warm” white? How long do LEDs actually last? Is 50 watts of LED lighting as bright as 150 watts of high-pressure sodium? Do LEDs get hot? What do millicandelas have to do with luminous flux?

The article to the right appeared in the New York Times on New Years Day. It mentions the recently Snow obscures traffic signalsnoticed potential problem with LED-based traffic signals. The issue is that the higher efficiency of LED technology as well as the fact that they do not radiate heat as do conventional incandescent sources reduces the ability of the signals to meld accumulated snow and ice off the lenses of the signals. Depending on the configuration of the shields used on the signals, accumulations of snow can build up inside the shields, potentially blocking the light output.

Is this an issue in your municipality? Are there other issues that cities face when replacing traditional lighting sources with solid-state technology? Does your municipality have the expertese to identify such issues prior to installation or will city officers spend valuable time trying to deal with this type of unexpected problem? Can your civil engineering staff recognize a good thermal design for a street light luminaire? Does your controller understand what lifetime means in terms of LED technology?

LED Transformations, LLC was formed to provide guidance in the area of solid state lighting in general, and LED applications in particular. We don’t make products; we simply provide expertise to municipalities like yours in the application of this exciting new technology of solid state lighting. We have the knowledge to help you make sense of the various conflicting LED claims. LED Transformations, LLC is not affiliated with any lighting fixture supplier, LED manufacturer, or others who may have a particular bias toward your lighting application. Our opinions are based strictly on the facts, with your municipality's interests our only priority. We know the players, the designs and the applications.

If you are considering the use of LED lighting within your jurisdiction, please contact us for a consultation. Whether it is street lighting, office environments, traffic signals or other lighting needs, we can help you determine applications where LED lighting will be beneficial, and equally important, point out those applications where it will not.