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We can help you market Solid-State Lighting as well

Market Research Services

The solid-state lighting marketplace is a clash of cultures where those with semi-conductor roots speak a different language from traditional lighting industry players. These cultural differences create a complex environment for firms wishing to conduct market research on their new products and services. Marketing departments at most firms have never experienced this dichotomy of cultures. LED Transformations, LLC has established itself as an expert in crossing this boundry through its well received educational presentations to both technical organizations as well as lighting experts. The company offers a suite of market research services for luminaire manufacturers and materials suppliers to the LED industry.  Using its unique combination of product development expertise in solid-state lighting technology with practical experience in marketing studies, the company offers its clients solid guidance in industry trends and opportunities.  LED Transformations provides clients answers to questions such as: 

LED Transformations has developed a methodology for addressing these questions.  The methodology combines both primary and secondary market research techniques coupled with intense analysis.  These services are cost-effective and can help a supplier avoid costly market-related errors (both Type I and Type II).  Whether your firm is new to the LED market, or one of its pioneers, LED Transformations can help you maximize your potential for success with research programs unique to the industry.  Contact us and we will provide the guidance you need.