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We can help you develop Solid-State Lighting products


Education & Training Services

There are many companies providing training seminars, “lunch and learn” presentations, etc. We are one of the few organizations offering such training that has no financial relationship with any manufacturer. Since we do not sell any of the products we discuss, we are free to offer unbiased opinions on LED devices, luminaires or lighting applications in general. LED Transformations, LLC offers a complete range of training programs, from simple one hour presentations on basic LED technology to full one and two day training classes with in-depth discussions on the various elements that make up a successful Solid State Lighting product design or facility installation. These courses will be held at sites around the country. In addition, custom classes can be arranged to cover specific topics of particular interest to your firm and can be held in your own facility. Call or write for more information.


Product Development Services

LED Transformations, LLC can provide assistance with all aspects of solid state lighting product development and field integration. We have expertise in the fields of electronics, illuminations, optics, thermal management, and manufacturing.
Here’s what we can offer:
▪ Design and prototyping of custom light engine modules.Heat Sink Design
▪ Optical and photometric design and analysis.
▪ Electronics and circuit board design services.
▪ How to properly cool the LEDs to achieve maximum lifetime.
▪ Guidance in how to handle and assemble LEDs.
▪ Project management and development from concept to finished product.
▪ Advice on which LED sources, control circuits, and LED luminaires to use.
▪ Guidance for working with approval agencies such as UL, ETL, and CSA.
▪ Cost savings analysis.
▪ Access to the latest research and scientific breakthroughs in both LED and OLED technology.


Product Testing & Evaluation Services

For firms wishing to evaluate product performance, we can provide full testing services in association with one of the leading photometric laboratories in the country. We can help identify performance deficiencies before they become warranty nightmares.