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Welcome to the World of Solid-State Lighting

Lighting is a fundamental part of everyday life. The science of lighting has evolved from the moment in time when man first discovered fire to the present day where light sources allow design concepts that were impossible just a few years ago. Solid State Lighting represents a powerful new technology which offers the potential to revolutionize the lighting industry. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are light sources with extremely long lifetimes, intense colors and high energy efficiencies. Numerous companies are involved in this fast changing technology, from the manufacturers that produce the LED dies that actually produce the light, to driver manufacturers that provide the electronic power supplies, to luminaire manufacturers and lighting designers who are incorporating these light sources into their products.

However, what seems like a panacea to many lighting problems brings with it an entire new set of issues, many of which are subtle and far-reaching in terms of design. LEDs represent light sources unlike any other the illumination industry has ever experienced. Their rapid rate of improvement creates an additional challenge to anyone wishing to make use of their benefits. While there is much written about LED properties, much of it is confusing, even conflicting. Even those who work everyday with lighting find working with LEDs can be frustrating because it requires a different set of skills and knowledge compared to traditional light sources.

Who we are

LED Transformations, LLC was formed to help the Lighting Industry address these challenges. In meeting after meeting, it became clear to the principals that the one thing, which could hold back the promise that LED technology represents, was the confusion and misinformation that exists within the industry. With over 30 years of product development experience in general and 20 years with lighting sources, LED Transformations LLC can help you make sense of the various claims of LED manufacturers. In terms of LED technology, proper guidance can make the difference between a superior, long-lasting lighting fixture and an underperforming, expensive failure. The difference is knowing the technology. At LED Transformations, LLC we understand Solid State Lighting technology: from knowing which manufacturer makes the best die for a particular application, to how to provide proper cooling in order to prevent excessive color shifting. Perhaps, you are trying to determine how your firm can succeed in this new marketplace with a new component or service. Our company can help with market research programs tailored to the unique solid-state lighting landscape. To see how LED Transformations, LLC can help with your particular situation, click on the buttons at the left. Or, better yet, contact us and discuss your Solid State Lighting needs directly. Maneuvering through the world of LED lighting can lead to either breathtaking unique designs or heartbreaking failures; energy saving lighting programs or costly replacement efforts. The difference is what path you take. Let LED Transformations, LLC be Your Guide to Solid State Lighting.